Teaching Online

I have taught in Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies, and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, Mills College, and University of San Francisco, where I continue to teach Filipina/o/x and Pinay Literature classes. Teaching online has opened up access to folks in community, outside of the Bay Area.

Some responses from online classes:

“Taking Pinay Lit and Poetry with Barbara Jane Reyes transformed me so deeply–and still continues to. She puts such care into curating and guiding our connection to our past and present stories, and to each other and ourselves in radical self-love as Pinays. Her presence creates a space for us to heal and build in badass community, and emboldens our voice in telling our stories and transforming our world. Salamat.” – J.T.

“This class exposed me to Pinay poets that I had never heard of, expanded my knowledge of my mandirigma lineage, and connected me to brilliant Pinays. Thank you, @bjanepr for facilitating this experience. 10/10 would recommend.” – M.R.

“I enrolled in Barbara Jane Reyes’ Filipina Lit class because I wanted to explore the works of Pinays. I did not know it would be an exploration of my own heart.” – A.P.

“As a Filipinx student & artist, access to written texts has been one of the primary ways I have centered my studies on the Philippines and my own ancestral history. But because of limited access and gaps in information sources, it can be quite hard to even know where to start reading Filipina poetry! Barbara Jane Reyes’ class not only offered this much-needed access to the texts themselves, but created a healthy space of community dialogue and encouragement for our own writing. As a fan of BJR’s, it was inspiring to work together with her and others to analyze poems and learn from contemporary and historical poetry in the Filipina tradition. And even that much more important to keep this collective study going outside of academic & educational institutions. Agyamanak manang Barbara!” – R.G.

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