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Wanna Peek Into My Notebook? Notes on Pinay Liminality

These critical and East Bay tender third world feminist lyrics model for us what it means to commit to the unglorified “work of arriving,” to care rigorously about craft, and to craft religiously a genuine care for community.

Letters to a Young Brown Girl

Barbara Jane Reyes answers the questions of Filipino American girls and young women of color with bold affirmations of hard-won empathy, fierce intelligence, and a fine-tuned B.S. detector.

Invocation to Daughters

Feminist experimental poetry in the tradition of Audre Lorde and Theresa Kyung Cha from a prominent Filipina American poet.

To Love as Aswang

These are poems of Pinay tragedy and perseverance, of reappropriating monstrosity and hiya, sung in polyphony and hissed with forked tongues.

For the City That Nearly Broke Me

In this fierce, feisty, anaphora-filled shakedown serenade, Reyes hard-scrambles our senses to position us firmly in poetry meant to electro-charge our attention real. This is a fine book of verse, reminiscent of Juan Felipe Herrera, yet singly Reyes.


“Myth and story, telling and retelling, the claiming of an indigenous history and also a dislocation from that history form a thematic crux in this gorgeous text.”

Poeta en San Francisco

… a multilingual litany that forcefully articulates what it means to be living as a woman in a nation of veterans, virgins, and dark angels …

Gravities of Center

Gravities of Center is an extraordinary testament to the self, and how the self is shaped from the experience of “otherness.” Her work is sharp and intelligent, defining and shattering.

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