Letters to a Young Brown Girl

Letters to a Young Brown Girl (BOA Editions, Ltd., 2020).  Barbara Jane Reyes answers the questions of Filipino American girls and young women of color with bold affirmations of hard-won empathy, fierce intelligence, and a fine-tuned B.S. detector. The Brown Girl of these poems is fed up with being shushed, with being constantly told how …

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Invocation to Daughters

Invocation To Daughters City Lights Spotlight No. 16 By Barbara Jane Reyes 2018 California Book Award Finalist Feminist experimental poetry in the tradition of Audre Lorde and Theresa Kyung Cha from a prominent Filipina American poet. “I am not your ethnic spectacle,” declares Reyes (To Love as Aswang) in her powerful fifth collection. “I write …

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To Love as Aswang

The Philippine aswang is a mythic, monstrous creature which has, since colonial times, been associated with female transgression, scapegoating, and social shaming, known in Tagalog as hiya. In the 21st century, and in diaspora, she manages to endure. Barbara Jane Reyes’s To Love as Aswang, the poet and a circle of Filipino American women grapple with …

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Diwata American Poets ContinuumBOA Editions, Ltd., 2010 In her book Diwata, Barbara Jane Reyes frames her poems between the Book of Genesis creation story and the Tagalog creation myth, placing her work somewhere culturally between both traditions. Also setting the tone for her poems is the death and large shadow cast by her grandfather, a World …

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Poeta en San Francisco

Barbara Jane Reyes’s Poeta en San Francisco (Tinfish Press) is a linguistic tour de force, incorporating English, Spanish, and Tagalog in a book-length poem at once lush and experimentally rigorous. From the vantage of San Francisco, Reyes looks outward to the Philippines, Vietnam, and other colonized places with violent histories. As she said in a recent interview, …

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Gravities of Center

Gravities of Center (Arkipelago Books Publishing, 2003) “Always mindful of the terrible past that still haunts her native country today, Reyes writes with urgency, but her poems contain an anger quite tempered by maturity and dignity. That past also haunts her own personal life in America: her poetry offers an acute look of what new ethnic …

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