Puñeta: Political Pilipinx Poetry, Vol. 2

“Puñeta” (2015), embroidered on cotton by Jenny Ortuoste.

Puñeta: Pilipinx Political Poetry, Volume 2, a locofo poetry chapbook anthology from Moria Poetry!


Arlene Biala, “hey, america,” “this is the taste of memory.”
Rose Theresa Booker, “Bakunawa.”
Amalia B. Bueno, “At Cebu Pool Hall,” “#61354218, C. Mendoza.”
Rachelle Cruz, “Embroidery,” “Instead of the moon, coupons.”
Rachel Ronquillo Gray, “Recess,” “The Muse Torches Corporate America.”
Jaime Jacinto, “World’s Fair, St. Louis, 1904.”
Michelle Peñaloza, “The Morning After the Election I Called My Mother,” “FORMER POSSESSIONS OF THE SPANISH EMPIRE / OR WHY MY LAST NAME IS PEÑALOZA.”
Barbara Jane Reyes, “Wisdom’s Rebuke.”
Tony Robles, “Water Protector,” “Building the Wall.”
Aimee Suzara, “Because Water is Life,” “water cure: a telegram to 1901 from the future.”

Paper copies are available for $5.00!