APA Heritage Month Poetry Reading List

Entirely subjective list of APIA poetry titles, unapologetically skewed in favor of Filipinx authors. On my personal bookshelf, on my to read list.

  1. Kazim Ali, The Secret Room: a string quartet
  2. Hari Alluri, The Flayed City
  3. Jason Bayani, Amulet
  4. Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Four Year Old Girl
  5. Arlene Biala, her beckoning hands
  6. Nick Carbó, El Grupo McDonalds
  7. Nick Carbó, Secret Asian Man
  8. Catalina Cariaga, Cultural Evidence
  9. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictee
  10. Jennifer S. Cheng, Moon: Letters, Maps, Poems
  11. Justin Chin, Gutted
  12. Franny Choi, Floating, Brilliant, Gone
  13. Frances Chung, Crazy Melon and Chinese Apple
  14. Rachelle Cruz, God’s Will for Monsters
  15. Oliver de la Paz, Names Above Houses
  16. Linh Dinh, Borderless Bodies
  17. Tarfia Faizullah, Seam
  18. Tarfia Faizullah, Registers of Illuminated Villages
  19. Sesshu Foster, City Terrace Field Manual 
  20. Sesshu Foster, City of the Future
  21. Jan-Henry Gray, Documents
  22. Lily Hoang, Changing
  23. Lawson Fusao Inada, Drawing the Line
  24. Lisa Linn Kanai, Sista Tongue
  25. Bhanu Kapil, The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers
  26. Bhanu Kapil, Incubation: A Space for Monsters
  27. Alan Chong Lau, Blues and Greens
  28. Julayne Lee, Not My White Savior
  29. Russell Leong, The Country of Dreams and Dust
  30. Kenji C. Liu, Monsters I Have Been
  31. Cheena Marie Lo, A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters 
  32. Rajiv Mohabir, The Cowherd’s Son
  33. Yoko Ono, Grapefruit
  34. Elmer Omar Bascos Pizo, Leaving Our Shadows Behind Us 
  35. Jai Arun Ravine, แล้ว and then entwine
  36. Bino A. Realuyo, The Gods We Worship Live Next Door
  37. Amanda Ngoho Reavey, Marilyn
  38. Barbara Jane Reyes, Invocation to Daughters
  39. Al Robles, Rappin With Ten Thousand Carabaos in the Dark
  40. Tony Robles, Fingerprints of a Hunger Strike
  41. Sam Roxas-Chua, Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater
  42. Albert Saijo, Outspeaks a Rhapsody
  43. Janice Lobo Sapigao, microchips for millions
  44. Solmaz Sharif, Look
  45. Aimee Suzara, Souvenir
  46. Sokunthary Svay, Apsara in New York
  47. Eileen R. Tabios, Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole
  48. Jeff Tagami, October Light
  49. Lehua Taitano, A Bell Made of Stones
  50. Souvankham Thammavongsa, Light
  51. Kai Cheng Thom, A Place Called No Homeland
  52. Angela Narciso Torres, Blood Orange
  53. Truong Tran, Dust and Conscience
  54. Haunani Kay Trask, Night is a Sharkskin Drum
  55. Mai Der Vang, Afterland
  56. Preeti Vangani, Mother Tongue Apologize
  57. José Garcia Villa, The Anchored Angel
  58. José Garcia Villa, Doveglion
  59. Khaty Xiong, Poor Anima
  60. Lawrence Lacambra Ypil, The Experiment of the Tropics

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