Pinay and Pinxy Recommended Reading/Crowdsourced List 2018

This is becoming tradition. I’ve asked folks on social media to share titles of Pinay and Pinxy authored works on their lists. Here is what they’ve shared with me:

  1. Apostol, Gina. Insurrecto.
  2. Ayuyang, Rina. Blame This on the Boogie.
  3. Bacani, Xyza Cruz. We Are Like Air.
  4. Biala, Arlene. one inch punch.
  5. Brainard, Cecilia and Eve La Salle Caram. Please, San Antonio! & Melisande in Paris.
  6. Castillo, Elaine. America is Not the Heart.
  7. Cerenio, Virginia. Trespassing Innocence.
  8. Cruz, Rachelle. God’s Will for Monsters.
  9. de Jesus, Melinda Luisa. Peminology.
  10. de los Reyes, T. Woeman.
  11. Escobar, Trinidad. Crushed.
  12. Galang, M. Evelina. Lolas’ House: Filipino Women Living With War.
  13. Garbes, Angela. Like a Mother.
  14. Gray, Jan-Henry. Documents.
  15. Igloria, Luisa A. What Is Left of Wings, I Ask.
  16. Igloria, Luisa A. The Buddha Wonders if She is Having a Mid-life Crisis .
  17. Kelly, Erin Entrada. Lalani of the Distant Sea.
  18. Linmark, R. Zamora. The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart.
  19. Miscolta, Donna. Hola and Goodbye: Una Familia in Stories.
  20. Miscolta, Donna. When the de la Cruz Family Danced.
  21. Montes, Veronica. Benedicta Takes Wing and Other Stories.
  22. Murray, Sabina. Valiant Gentlemen.
  23. Nievera-Lozano, Melissa-Ann and Anthony Abulencia Santa Ana, eds. Pilipinx Radical Imagination Reader.
  24. Panlilio, Yay. The Crucible: An Autobiography by Colonel Yay: Filipina American Guerrilla.
  25. Perez, Jason Magabo. This is For the Mostless.
  26. Querrer, Cristina. By Astrolabes and Constellations.
  27. Reyes, Barbara Jane. Invocation to Daughters.
  28. Ribay, Randy. Patron Saints of Nothing.
  29. Rosal, Patrick. Brooklyn Antediluvian.
  30. Saguisag, Lara. Incorrigibles and Innocents: Constructing Childhood and Citizenship in Progressive Era Comics.
  31. Sapigao, Janice Lobo. microchips for millions.
  32. Sapigao, Janice Lobo. like a solid to a shadow.
  33. Tabios, Eileen. One, Two, Three.
  34. Tabios, Eileen, ed. Humanity.
  35. Talusan, Grace. The Body Papers: A Memoir.
  36. Tenorio, Lysley. Monstress.
  37. Valdez, Aldrin. ESL or You Weren’t There.
  38. Vargas, Jose Antonio. Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen.
  39. Vengua, Jean. Corporeal.
  40. Yap, Isabel. Hurricane Heels.

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