#NationalPoetryMonth #APIA #Poetry Day 5: Kay Ulanday Barrett, Sokunthary Svay, Jane Wong, Khaty Xiong

This month, I shall be posting one APIA poet (or book) recommendation per day, so that all of you who are asking me what to read will know what to read. Actually, I am breaking my own rule. Here are four poets’ first full length collections.

Kay Ulanday Barrett, When the Chant Comes; Sokunthary Svay, Apsara in New York; Jane Wong, Overpour; Khaty Xiong, Poor Anima. I come to these four poets and their works with much interest. I confess, I haven’t dived into their books yet; summer is when this will happen. But they have been on my radar for some time now as folks to watch for.

National Poetry Month APIA Poets:

04/01 Rajiv Mohabir

04/02 Amanda Ngoho Reavey

04/03 Truong Tran

04/04 Al Robles

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