#NationalPoetryMonth #APIA #Poetry Day 3: Truong Tran

This month, I shall be posting one APIA poet (or book) recommendation per day, so that all of you who are asking me what to read will know what to read.

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Today’s recommendation is Truong Tran, longtime Bay Area poet, and one of my mentors. I came to his work when I was still quite young in poetry (or Poetry), looking for different things that a poem could do, still in the “service” of some kind of Asian American story. Tran’s poems taught me to push the poetic line farther than I had ever known what a poetic line’s capabilities could be. What does this mean for the work and words our APIA community is asking for, stating their need for. Well, it’s challenging them, to think (again) of how many ways we can convey our “message,” and how poetic line and form are very much, deeply a part of that.

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National Poetry Month APIA Poets:

04/01 Rajiv Mohabir

04/02 Amanda Ngoho Reavey

04/03 Truong Tran

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