#NationalPoetryMonth #APIA #Poetry Day 2: Amanda Ngoho Reavey

This month, I shall be posting one APIA poet (or book) recommendation per day, so that all of you who are asking me what to read will know what to read.

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Today’s recommendation is Amanda Ngoho Reavey, whose Marilyn is a challenging and very fulfilling read. How does one form identity, is a major question in Asian American Literature. How does one reclaim an identity when a trail of official documents documents the subtraction of that identity. Reavey’s poems are tesserae, mosaic tiles, in which we see how even one missing piece skews the whole picture, or even, how arranged just ever so slightly different skews an entire picture as well. Beautiful work.

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National Poetry Month APIA Poets:

04/01 Rajiv Mohabir

04/02 Amanda Ngoho Reavey

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